Lend a Hand


Got wind of this from the alumni careers newsletter from my alma mater (Go Dawgs!) and wanted to spread the word. Project Open Hand is an amazing organization and, when you ask about places to volunteer in Atlanta, it’s definitely highly recommended by those who have donated time there before. Great organization, great people. Basically, their mission is to prepare and deliver nutritious meals to a population in need here in Atlanta: those who currently have a disabling chronic disease or are at strong risk to develop chronic illnesses that will disable them. I can’t remember the exact number of meals served and people helped (they give you this info during a video they show at the brief mandatory orientation), but when you hear about the impact…prepare to have your mind blown. This organization spends $3,000,000 a year dollars on raw food products for meal preparation! Three MILLION dollars, yall – it’s so serious.
From the newsletter:

VOLUNTEER! Help package meals. Delivery drivers for meals needed
especially on Saturdays and Sundays. For a great place to meet
and have some fun while helping those in need, please contact
Steven Grant, Manager Volunteer Services, OPEN HAND, Atlanta
Direct: 404.419.3335, Main: 404.872.2707

I just signed up on the website to volunteer to drive one weekend and it only took a few minutes (and by “few”, I mean about two). It’s a perfect fit because I think this is a more-than-worthy cause and cruising around this city on a Saturday morning is my idea of a good time. Consider signing up to volunteer and stay tuned for when I blog about my adventure being a volunteer driver for Project Open Hand.


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