Help Keep Atlanta Afloat

A River Runs Through It

A River Runs Through It

Our city has seen its fair share of wacky weather in the last couple of years. Remember that random tornado that tore through downtown a year and a half ago? Every time I pass the Westin Peachtree, with it’s blacked out wood panels still masquerading as windows, I think about how weird and random that was. But the damage done that day pales in comparison with what’s been going on in the A over the last few days. Eight solid days of record-setting rain went to a whole other level in the form of a massive 5am thunderstorm with lightning that made Stone Mountain’s laser show look like kids with a flashlight on a Sunday afternoon. And then came the floods…

All Noah’s ark jokes aside, now that we’ve finally hit a break (OMG, was that the sun today?!?)…it’s very obvious that there are A LOT of people who need A LOT of help. Because of the damage, there are 400+ people spending tonight in one of the six shelters the American Red Cross has set up in our area. Count ’em: 17 counties under a state of emergency. You would have needed scuba gear to find Clarkdale Elementary School in Austell yesterday; the entire school building/campus was submerged under flood water. I’m sure these are just the tip of the iceberg in how much help our city is going to need in recovering from the last couple of days. I couldn’t help but notice today how there was plenty to read about what happened…but not a whole lot on how those of us who didn’t get the worst of it could help. It took me a couple of hours’ worth of research, but I’ve found a couple of ways for us to get involved in our community. Please consider donating to the Red Cross or helping any of the causes I’ve found below. Consider it your token of gratitude for receding flood waters and actually being able to see the sun today. Bet you almost forgot what it looked like, huh?

American Red Cross – they’re asking for primarily cash donations at this point

11 Alive’s Hero Central for Clarkdale – donate school supplies at Metro Area School Box store locations

Donate toiletries, household goods to Courageous Church’s Flood Relief Efforts (they’re also looking for volunteers to help with collecting/sorting/distributing)

Got some extra blue box mac & cheese or canned veggies in the pantry? Donate to Atlanta Community Food Bank

Props to Radio One for pulling together this Storm Survivors effort Wednesday, Sept 23rd to collect items at Hosea Feed the Hungry from 10a-6p


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