Earth Day: New Green Resolutions!


When I woke up this morning, I laid in the dark in bed for a little while thinking about the fact that today is Earth Day…and wondering what more I can do to make a difference. What kind of Earth do I want to leave around for the future little DoGooders? Since I’m a girl who loves lists and goals, I decided to tackle this New Year’s Resolution-style.

DoinGood In My Hood Presents:

My New Green Resolutions

Δ As someone who works in an office, I’m no stranger to being buried under mountains of desk paper. And as someone who works in an Advertising department, ugh…the paper! I have our ads (present and future), I have the competitors’ ads, I have articles about ads, I have calendar upon calendar telling me about ads, I have charts analyzing charts about our ads – and they’re coming out of every nook and cranny of my desk! When I sit and really think about it, the amount of paper we use is sick. A year or two ago, the company took away our trash cans and gave us recycling bins…but I confess: I don’t always use it solely for recyclables. 😡
So New Green Resolution #1: Reduce my office paper consumption (and use the blue bin for it’s intended purpose more often).

Δ Because I work in charts and such all day (and because I work on a floor with 100+ people crammed on it!), I like to have a little music to concentrate. So I plug in and tune out the rest of the insanity of the office. I recently wore out my old trusty office earbuds and had to replace them. I just opened the package this morning and was inspired to make two more resolutions:
New Green Resolution #2: Learn more about proper disposal of items and/or how to properly recycle. What exactly am I supposed to do with these old headphones?!?
New Green Resolution #3: Be more mindful of buying products with minimal packaging – excess is excess for no real reason. Is it weird that, in researching about excess packaging, the majority of the first results from the Google search I did today were all UK-based? Is this not a problem we care about here in the States too? Hmm…

I did find this short informative video from Consumer Reports. “The last line of the video was mind-blowing:

If we cut back the use of cardboard from 100 tons to 90, it would save more than 5,300 lbs of waste, 20k gallons of waste water, and more than 34k tons of CO2 equivalent.


Δ New Green Resolution #4 was inspired by a recent experience I had. There’s a little used bookstore in Smyrna that’s one of my favorite places on Earth – shout out to The Book Stop in Smyrna. Ginny, the owner, is fabulous and talking to her inspires me to want to own a small biz like hers someday. Anyway, I mention TBS for two reasons. One, because this store definitely falls into the “Reuse”  portion of the recycling triangle. But two, because this place exemplifies why I love to shop local mom-and-pops/small businesses: the good ones take such good care of their customers. Did you know there’s a great website, The Green Half, that offers discounts everyday to local businesses that not only are offering you a great deal but are also green in their practices? The Green Half also donates a % of the day’s sales to various non-profits (today’s NPO: The Sierra Club of Georgia). So I resolve to show more love to Atlanta by shopping locally and with more small businesses that are DoinGood for the environment! As if I needed another excuse to hit the farmer’s markets on Saturday…

Δ My last resolution is one I make every year but intend to keep this year. New Green Resolution #5 is to get out and enjoy/appreciate the great outdoors, just because I can. One of the reasons I love living in Atlanta is because we’re blessed with good weather (as opposed to my friend who currently lives near the Arctic Circle -16° there, 82° here) so getting out is a much better look here more often. Hopefully I’ll get to have a few more outdoorsy volunteer projects, like last weekend’s experience at the horse riding place, under my belt in the near future. Some I’ve done in the past and enjoyed were cleanups at Piedmont Park, beautifying in the ‘hoods with Trees Atlanta, and landscaping on 2nd Saturdays at Oakland Cemetery.

What are your New Green Resolutions?


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