New Addition


Meet my new baby! She’s the adorable 6 month old Lab/Bulldog mix who stole my heart today on my visit over to Atlanta Humane Society. I spent a very long time at AHS this afternoon because I wanted to be super-sure on what I was doing. After looking at a few very adorable little dogs, I just randomly came across this little darling and she won me over while we were out in the play yard. AHS named her Lydia but she wouldn’t answer to that, so I renamed her Scout, which she seemed to perk up to instantly.
It’s been a couple of years since I had a dog at all, so I’m a little nervous about entering doggy momhood. But Scout is such a smart little whippersnapper, she hasn’t made our first day too difficult at all. As I’m sitting here watching her take her first nap in her new home, I’m glad that I decided to rescue her today.

You can DoGood for the homeless pet population in Atlanta too. AHS is celebrating Founder’s Day with all pet adoption fees at $18.73 through May 30th!


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