Swag Bags & Perks & Goodies, Oh My!


Volunteering is already pretty awesome on the surface. There are obviously warm fuzzy benefits to your community and those directly affected by your doingood. Did you know there’s research that suggests volunteering benefits your health as well? And sometimes you luck out and get other perks aside from mental and physical wellness. I have an entire drawer of t-shirts I’ve received from my doingood efforts. When I’ve volunteered with Georgia Public Broadcasting, that’s meant a yummy catered meal and getting my mug on tv once. Last year, I was afforded a career perk when I got to practice my project management skills via organizing a volunteer day for the women’s group at my job. People have offered me free tickets to everything from comedy shows to festivals. Once I volunteered at a 5k and came home with so many bananas for my freezer, I had a smoothie almost everyday for months!

Today, I was with a team from work at the 8th Annual Atlanta House Party, which is a corporate volunteer effort organized by a great Atlanta organization called HouseProud. Our team planted flowers and painted the exterior of a senior citizen’s home, taking it from drab to Orange-and-Fab over the course of this Saturday morning. We were all so glad to be there to help out and HouseProud/Atlanta ToolBank definitely took good care of us as volunteers. They fed us breakfast, snacks and a great lunch…and we got a swag bag full of handy things!

I was just saying that I needed flashlights for the house - now I have two!

What’s the best perk/goodie you’ve ever received as a thank you for volunteering?


3 Responses to “Swag Bags & Perks & Goodies, Oh My!”

  1. I got a coffee mug and being a coffee fanatic, that’s all I need but the a ” Thank You” is great as well. Great post.

  2. 2 HouseProud Board Member

    We appreciate your coming out to support the 2012 HouseProud House Party!!!! Thanks a million for the shout-out in your blog, we hope you enjoyed yourself and want see you out next year!!!!

  1. 1 Weekend Perks | this man's journey

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