Inspired to DoGood: Legends Edition


We’re celebrating a pretty momentous occasion today. A few hours ago, we watched a man who started off as a community organizer get sworn in for a second Presidential term on a day where we honor a man who is best known in our country’s historic lore as someone who was one of the ultimate American do-gooders for others. Man, am I feeling inspired today by both President Obama and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr! The President said something interesting in his speech today that really hit home for me:

You and I, as citizens, have the power to get set this country’s course.

Of course, those words can be taken with broad strokes on a number of topics. But on this MLK National Day of Service, I’m thinking about how it applies to volunteerism. There are a lot of organizations trying to do good for others out there and need our help to fulfill their missions. Just think of how much positive change we could accomplish if we harnessed our collective energy to rally behind causes that advance us as a people or help positively shape our children’s futures!

image via TheWomensFoundation’s “Quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr” board on Pinterest

So on this historic day, my friends, I challenge you to think about how you can act on these two very simple questions:

What causes are you passionate about?
What causes need your energy and your voice?

My name is Tai Collins and I started this blog because volunteering is my passion and I want you to get excited about volunteering too.


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