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On my most recent road trip with strangers, I met an incredibly amazing woman whose husband is now a Veteran-in-heaven. He was days away from coming home from Afghanistan and they were in the midst of a conversation about all of the doinGood they would do when he got back. He never made it home, […]

Everybody who is passionate about service has their different reasons for volunteering. Sometimes, you’re just drawn by the cause because it’s that important. Sometimes it’s all about the altruism: having a positive impact on the world and feeling like you’ve done your part. For me, volunteering has been part adventure, part deliverance of joy, and […]

We’re celebrating a pretty momentous occasion today. A few hours ago, we watched a man who started off as a community organizer get sworn in for a second Presidential term on a day where we honor a man who is best known in our country’s historic lore as someone who was one of the ultimate […]

Volunteering is already pretty awesome on the surface. There are obviously warm fuzzy benefits to your community and those directly affected by your doingood. Did you know there’s research that suggests volunteering benefits your health as well? And sometimes you luck out and get other perks aside from mental and physical wellness. I have an […]

Warm weather is upon us Atlanta and, whether you’re a hardcore runner or a part-time jogger like myself, it’s that time of the year again: Run/Race Season! We’re lucky in that Atlanta is a fun race market and we’ve got plenty of options to choose from if we want to get out there and pound […]

In all of my DoinGood, I think I’ve asked people for very little beyond their support of what I was doing. Or maybe for a little of their time to volunteer. Mostly because I don’t like the disappointment of hearing “No!” So when my friend Nina asked if I would join her team for this […]

Think about the last time you got the news that someone close to you was having a baby. Did you know that, according to the stats, 1 in 8 babies in the U.S. are born prematurely, putting them at risk for a wide range of medical complications? It happens to families everyday with no real […]

Image by CaptPiper via Flickr If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times lately: I thought I moved from up North to get away from cold weather! But down here in Atlanta, we’ve definitely been getting our share between how cold the temps have been, January’s Snowmageddon Icetacular, and a possible inch […]

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! , DoGooders! I hope that, with the city thawing out from Southern Snowpocalypse 2011 and ample volunteer opportunities all around Atlanta, that you took advantage of a chance to make a difference today. Unfortunately I was among those who were stuck in the office (the company I work for […]

Having a sick kid is already a stressful situation. So imagine when it gets kicked up to the next level, when people are tossing around the word “critical” or when the injuries are “severe”.  The questions can be overwhelming for parents and caregivers. Fortunately for families with children being treated in local Atlanta hospitals in […]